As the years go by, we get bigger. To meet the needs of our audiences, and respond more clearly, we have created different lines of business.

Agroveco helps numerous farmers who seek to output the results of their farms in the best way. It is responsible for converting the raw material into quality feed for animals, both domestic and farm.

Cadebro is the brand with which we were born and have not stopped growing. The brand of the cooperative is the link between farmers seeking fair treatment and the Agroveco feed manufacturer.

Servicampo is an Agricultural Cooperative that brings together more than 70 members, specialized as OPFH (Organization of Fruit and Vegetable Producers) whose exclusive destination is the canning industry.


With the Agroveco brand we respond to consumers looking for quality feed for farm animals, regardless of whether they are domestic or large farms

Dexter is our “commodity” brand in the Pet sector. Under it, we market safe feed at the best price.

Thanks to Rex we can talk to people who want to give their dogs and cats the best quality food.

With EquusLine we guarantee a high quality and safe food specialized for horses.

We take care of your pets as if they were ours

For more than 15 years our experts in animal nutrition formulate foods of high quality, so that your dog or cat gets all its benefits, and can grow, play or enjoy healthy and strong. We know that each pet is a world, that’s why we use the most advanced and innovative technologies to create specific foods that can be adapted to each one of them. 

At Rex we are passionate about pets and we want to make them notice in all aspects.

R&D Quality

The Agroveco Group Innovation Committee manages projects for continuous improvement of quality and productive efficiency in the company.

From the committee itself, aspects of improvement are proposed that are studied in multidisciplinary teams and subsequently raised to R & D projects.

Within the area, feed production has a special interest, in which the highest quality standards are sought. The research, which stems from restlessness and the desire to always be better, has been present in this company since its inception. Agroveco Grupo, is firmly committed to innovation as one of the fundamental pillars of the company. It was created in 2003, and works on feed production issues with an eye towards sustainable production.



Address Headquarters

Avenida de Logroño, 136
50620, Zaragoza (España)

Customer Service

Tel. +34 976 771 812


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